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21 Sivan 5776 until sunset
כא סיון התשעו


Welcome To Congregation Beth Shalom!

Congregation Beth Shalom is a thriving, active and spiritual reform temple in the heart of Sacramento.  Located in Carmichael, our member families come from near and far to be part of our active Jewish community.  Known for our love of music and founders of the largest Jewish Food Faire in Sacramento County and beyond, our families, singles, seniors, teens and everything in between celebrate and share in our beautiful cycle of events

We invite you to explore our website, come to services and attend an event or two to see how you can become a member of our temple family.  We are the modern family of Sacramento and would love to meet you!

The Best and Only Jewish Food Faire in Sacramento - September 18, 2016

Click here to see details and delicious food that will be available at the 2016 Jewish Food Faire.

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